Where Are My Shoes

Corners Of My Life
Sweet Nothing
In The Basement
I'm Sorry
Twist Of Love
Let Me Live
Queen Of Your Heart
Do You Love Me
Son Of Semmane
Medley (Walking Back To Happiness / Twist And Shout / The Locomotion / Back In The USSR / Shout)
All As If One

CDon 6.6.2006 (16,9 EUR)
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8 sivua: laulujen sanoja, muutama kuva
1,5,7,9: Niels Drevsholt
2: R Self
3: Davis, Miner, Smith
4: Self, D Albritten
6: Mercury, May, Deacon, Taylor
8: Berry Gordy Jr.
10: John Schroeder, Michael Hawker, Bert Russell, Phil Medley, Carol King, Gerry Goffin, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ronald & Rudolph & Kelly Jr. Isley
11: Claus Hassing
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