Sundown - Special Edition

Fool No more
Don't Tell Me You're Sorry
Love To The Limit
Turn The Lights On
Searching For Perfection
One Thing I Know
Sail On Through
Big Fun
The Day You Came
Pretty Boy
I Just Came To Dance
Drawn To You
Tears On My Pillow

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Pretty Boy on coveri M2M:n kappaleesta.
16 sivua: kuvia, laulujen sanat
1: I Curnow, G Dennis, R Hanley, D Woodford
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3: H Korpi, M Johansson, H Jansson, L Greene
4: Dennis, Hanley, Woodford
5: A Bergström, M Andersson
6: T Lever, M Percy, H Robinson
7: E Bunton, Lever, Percy
8: Robinson, A Bushby
9: L Simmons, R Taylor
10,12: Lever, Percy, Dennis
11: B Loedemel, N Skau
13: Lever, Percy, S Philips
14: C Dennis, I Allen, M Bass, N Bass, K Bass
15: A Lewis, S Bradford
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