Listen To Your Heartbeat

When The Music Is Gone
I'd Love You To Want Me
Listen To Your Heartbeat
Never Say Goodbye
Favourite Song (That's All Because Of You)
I Live For Loving You
Take a Chance
Pacmahara (feat. Jean Pierre Barda)
Take My Love
House Of Love
Another Night
Come Together
I'd Love You To Want Me (Remixed Version)
Listen To Your Heartbeat (Remixed Version)

PEK-Musik 8/01 (110 FIM ~ 18,5 EUR)
Viralliset kotisivut
MAriann Grammofon
16 sivua: kuvia
1: Norell, Oson, Bard
2,14: La Voie
3,15: Henrik Sethsson, Thomas G:son
4: Sethsson, G:son, Assarsson
5: Pearu Paulus, Ilmar Laisaar, A Kotkas, J Hallas
6: Rein, Åberg
7: Hedlund, Grip, Nyman
8,10: Marcos Ubeda
9: Sandelin, Ekman, Hobbs, Axelsson, Stadling
11: Sandelin, Ekman, Waite, Axelsson, Stadling
12: Lars "Dille" Diedricson, Ubeda
13: Diedricson, Georgsson, Ubeda
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