Jan Johansen

When The Night Is Young
Another Night (Se på mej)
Water In The Rain
Higher Love
We Can't Go On
River Of My Heart
Hold You
Hurting So Bad
What About Love
We Don't Need To Hide
Caught You Fallin From Heaven
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Suvelan itsepalvelukirpputori, Espoo 30.8.2004 (5 EUR)
Viralliset kotisivut
Trippel Music / Lionheart Records
20 sivua: laulujen sanat
1: Almqvist, Ljunggren, Evenlind, Thyrén
2: Almqvist, Ljunggren, Evenlind
3: Hedström, Almqvist, Ljunggren, Geli
4: Jan Johansen, Geli, Hedström
5: Johansson, Breidensjö
6,8,9: Evenlind, Thyrén
7: Evenlind, Evenlind, Thyrén
10,12: Johansen, Geli
11: Warnebring
13: Almqvist, Ljunggren, Forsman
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