We Want You - Greatest Hits

In The Navy
Go West
Macho Man
Can't Stop The Music
Sex Over The Phone
Village People
Ready For The 80's
Do You Wanna Spend The Night
I Am What I Am
San Francisco (You've Got Me)
Fire Island
Hot Cop
Go West (Remix)
We Want You (Megamix)
Y.M.C.A. (12" Mix Special DJ)
In The Navy (12" Mix Special DJ)

City-Anttila, Helsinki 6/99 (110 FIM ~ 18,5 EUR)
Columbia / Sony
4 sivua
1-3,13,14,16,17: Henri Belolo, Victor Willis, Jacques Morali
4: Belolo, Willis, B Whitehead, Morali
5,7,8,11,12: Belolo, Whitehead, P Hurtt, Morali
6: B Vilanch, Morali, F Zarr
9: Belolo, D Frederiksen, Morali, VP Band
10,15: Belolo, Willis, Whitehead, Morali
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