We See The Same Sun

Coco Jamboo
Side To Side
Goodbye, Lonely Heart
I Give You My Heart
Love Zone
Show Me The Way To Heart
Olympic Dreams
You Can Get It!
Don't You Ever Stop
Turn It Up!
I Love The Way You Love Me
I Love To Love
Where The Sun Goes Down

Stockmann, Helsinki 3/98 (55 FIM ~ 9,3 EUR)
16 sivua: paljon kuvia, laulujen sanat
1,15: Robin Masters / Delroy Rennalls
2: Rainer Gaffrey, Kai Matthiesen / Gaffrey, Rennalls
3: Matthiesen, Caren Miller / Rennalls
4: Karsten GŁnther, Matthiesen / GŁnther
5,11,12: Masters, Matthiesen / Masters, Rennalls
6: Masters, Matthiesen / Masters
7: GŁnther, Matthiesen / GŁnther, Rennalls
8: Dave Dunhill, Mick Dash
9,10: William King III, Matthiesen / King III, Rennalls
13: J Robinson, J Bolden / Robinson, Bolden, Rennalls
14: Masters, Matthiesen / Masters, Miller
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