There You'll Be

There You'll Be
This Kiss
Breathe (Tin Tin Out Radio Mix)
The Way You Love Me (Love To Infinity Remix)
Let Me Let Go
Piece Of My Heart
If My Heart Had Wings
There Will Come A Day
Love Will Always Win
My Wild Frontier
You Give Me Love
Somewhere Down The Road
Over The Rainbow

Kehäkirppis I, Espoo 12.11.2002 (6 EUR)
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12 sivua: laulujen sanat, kuvia
1: Diane Warren
2: Robin Lemer, Annie Roboff, Beth Nielsen Chapman
3,14: Holly Lamar, Stephanie Bentley
4: Keith Follesé, Michael Dulaney
5: Steve Diamond, Dennis morgan
6: Bert Berns, Jerry Ragavoy
7: Roboff, J Fred Knobloch
8: Bill Luther, Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey
9: Wayne Kirkpatrick, Gordon Kennedy
10: Franne Golde, Robin Lerner, Marsha Malamet
11: Matraca Berg, Jim Photoglo, Harry Stinson
12: Kirkpatrick, Amy Grant
13: Harold Arlen / EY Harburg
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