The A List

Take On Me
Same Old Brand New You
No More
One More Try
The Things We Never Did
Too Bad Baby
Nothing But Trouble
She Doesn't See Me
Celebrate Our Love
Living The Dream
I Wonder Why
I'll Take The Tears
One In Love

Anttila Myyrmanni, Vantaa 22.7.2003 (2 EUR)
Columbia / Sony
16 sivua: laulujen sanat, kuvia
1: P Waaktaar, M Furuholmen, M Harket
2: Eric Foster White, Ben Adams, Christian Ingebritsen, Mark Read
3: Stevie Bensusen, Claudio Cueni, L Robbins, D Sharpe
4: Ingebritsen, Adams, Paul Marazzi, M Read
5: Ingebritsen
6: A Greggs, B Daymond, M Read, Adams, Ingebritsen
7: A Thompson, Andreas Carlson
8: M Read, Adams, Ingebritsen
9: Jean Jacques Goldman, Roland Romanelli, Adams, Ingebritsen, M Read, Marazzi
10: M Read, G Read
11: M Read
12: Peter Cunnah, Tom Nichols
13: Adams, Ingebritsen
14: Adams, C Good
15: Adams, Marazzi
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