Sweet Kisses

I Wanna Love You Forever
I Think I'm In Love With You
Where You Are (featuring Nick Lachey)
Final Heartbreak
Woman In Me (featuring Destiny's Child)
I've Got My Eyes On You
Betcha She Don't Love You
My Wonderful
Sweet Kisses
Your Faith In Me
Heart Of Innocence

Anttila Kodin 1 Varisto, Vantaa 10/01 (90 FIM ~ 15,1 EUR)
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12 sivua: iso kuva
1: S Watters, L Biancaniello
2: C Rooney, D Shea / Rooney
3: Watters, Biancaniello, A Stamapoulou, N Lachey
4: EF White
5: M Backman, A Bagge
6: P Reins, J Aberg
7: E Rogers, C Sturken
8: L Jones, D Sills
9: A Goldmark, J Houston, JD Hicks
10: D DeViller, S Hosein, T Lacy
11: Jessica Simpson, G baker, FJ Meyers, P Carpenter
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