Sucker For Your Love

Sucker For Your Love
Lookin' For Boys
(Like a) Fata Morgana
We Cheer You Up (Join The Pin-Up Club)
And Then He Kissed Me
The Rhythm
Summer In The City
(Like a) Fata Morgana (Extended Version)
We Cheer You Up (Join The Pin-Up Club) (Extended Version)
Sucker For Your Love (Extended Version)
(Like a) Fata Morgana (Instrumental Version)

LA-Kirppis, Tampere 24.6.2002 (5,9 EUR)
Fazer / Finnlevy
2 sivua
1: B Blue, P Greedus
2,3,8,10: H Jansen, P Frush
4,9: Jansen, Raider, Frush
5: Barry, Greenwich, Spector
6: FG Jansen, JP Kroese
7: J Sebastian, S Boone, MD Sebastian
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