Solid HarmoniE

I'll Be There For You
I Want You To Want Me
To Love Once Again
Come And Get It
Walk Away
You Got The Flava
He's Playing Hard To Get
Forever I Do
I Wanna Love You
I Gotta Get My Groove On
When We Kiss (Missing You)

Anttila Myyrmanni, Vantaa 5/98 (120 FIM ~ 20,2 EUR)
Jive / Zomba
12 sivua: laulujen sanat, kuvia
1,3: Max Martin, Kristian Lundin
2: Martin, Jacob Schulze
4: K Sanders, H Nitsch
5: K Beauvais, D James
6: Topham, Twigg
7: T Allen, W Walton
8,11: J Skinner, V Renn
9: Lundin
10: Renn
12: Allen, Skinner, A Smith, L Campbell, J St. James
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