Sexual Healing

L.O.V.E. (Sex On The Beach)
Sexual Healing
Tempt Me On The Line
Ralph, Don't Make Love By Yourself
Veejay The DJ
Shag Me
Lay Back
Seven Seconds
Jonny Y.
Got To Get It
Baby Please Stop
When I Lie
Test My Best
L.O.V.E. (Sex On The Beach) (Extended Version)
Sexual Healing (Remix)

Music Box Lġunakeskus, Tarto, Viro 5.11.2003 (69 EEK ~ 4,4 EUR)
Records 2000
4 sivua
1,3,4,7-14: David Brandes, Jane Tempest / John O'Flynn
2,15: Brandes, Tempest / Chris Norman, O'Flynn
5,6: Brandes, Tempest, Sam Francis, O'Flynn
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