Robyn Is Here

Bumpy Ride
In My Heart
You've Got That Somethin'
Do You Know (What It Takes)
The Last Time
Show Me Love
Just Another Girlfriend
Don't Want You Back
Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect)
Here We Go
Robyn Is Here
I Wish (A Cappella)

Stockmann, Helsinki 7/00 (130 FIM ~ 21,9 EUR)
Viralliset kotisivut
14 sivua: kuvia, laulujen sanat
1-3,5,8-10: Robyn, Lindström, Ekhé / Robyn
4: Robyn, Denniz PoP, Max Martin, Herbie Crichlow / Robyn, Crichlow
6: Robyn, Martin
7,12: Robyn, Falcon / Robyn
11: Robyn, Anders Bagge, Harry Sommerdahl / Robyn
13: Robyn
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