Pop 'Til You Drop!

Can't Help Falling In Love
Let Your Heart Do All The Talking
Closer To Perfection
Hi And Goodbye
This Year
Cross My Heart
Singled Out
Oh, Oh... Yeah
In The Blink Of An Eye
School's Out (feat. Alice Cooper)

Play 12.9.2002 (10 GBP ~ 16,8 EUR)
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Stockholm Records
8 sivua: kuvia
1,3: Tysper, Grizzly, Mack
2: Weiss, Peretti, Creatore
4: Alexandra
5: Billy Steinberg, Marti Frederiksen, Leah Andreone
6: Fredrik Thomander, Anders Wikström
7: Red One, ShawnDark, Savan, AJ Junior, Dhani, Sara
8: Tysper, Grizzly, Mack, Marie
9: Red One, ShawnDark, Savan, AJ Junior, Dhani
10: David Eriksen, Tom Nichols
11: Marie, Tremolo / Lindell, Björklund
12: Alice Cooper, Bruce, Buxton, Dunaway, Smith
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