Night Club

So the set off (Intro)
You can dance
Hasta Mañana
I won't let you down
JoJo Action
Take me to the limit
Happy People
Where do I belong
Gonna get up
I wanna give my love to you
Take your chance
Inline - Outline
The music disappeared (Outro)

Ariman 6.8.2003 (3,2 EUR)
16 sivua: kuvia, jäsenten kommentteja kappaleista
1,13: Kai Matthiesen, Robin Masters / Jens Neumann
2: William King III, Matthiesen / WK III, Caren Miller
3: WK III, Matthiesen / Delroy Rennalls, Miller
4: Karsten Günther, Matthiesen / Günther, Rennalls
5,7: Rainer Goffrey, Matthiesen / Goffrey, Rennalls
6,10: Masters, Matthiesen / Masters, Miller
8: Stefan Zauner, Matthiesen / Zauner, Rennalls
9,11: Masters, Matthiesen / Masters, Rennalls
12: Goffrey, Matthiesen / Goffrey
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