Monty Python Sings

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
Sit On My Face
Lumberjack Song
Penis Song (Not The Noel Coward Song)
Oliver Cromwell
Money Song
Accountancy Shanty
Medical Love Song
I'm So Worried
Every Sperm Is Sacred
Never Be Rude To an Arab
I Like Chinese
Eric The Half a Bee
Brian Song
Bruce's Philosophers Song
Meaning Of Life
Knights Of The Round Table (Camelot Song)
All Things Dull And Ugly
Decomposing Composers
Henry Kissinger
I've Got Two Legs
Christmas In Heaven
Galaxy Song
Spam Song

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Kay-Gee-Bee Music
16 sivua: laulujen sanat, piirroskuvia
1,4,13,16,21: Eric Idle
2: Harry Parr Davies / Idle
3,25: Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Fred Tomlinson / Jones, Palin
5: Frederic Chopin / John Cleese
6: John Gould / Idle, Gould
7: Idle, John De Prez
8,20: Palin
9: Idle, Du Prez / Graham Chapman, Idle
10,12: Jones
11: David Howman, Andre Jacquemin / Palin, Jones
14: Idle / Idle, Cleese
15: Jacquemin, Howman / Palin
17,24: Idle, Du Prez / Idle
18: Neil Innes / Chapman, Cleese
19: trad. / Idle
22: Terry Gilliam
23: Idle / Jones
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