I Won't Forget You

I Won't Forget You
Grand Design
I Wanna Live With You
(You Just) Believe In You
I Was Wrong
It Just Begun
The Way The Story Goes
Shut Up And Kiss Me
So Many People
Tell Her
A Better Man
Once In A Lifetime

Anttila Myyrmanni, Vantaa 2/99 (120 FIM ~ 20,2 EUR)
Princessa unofficial site
EastWest / Warner
12 sivua: laulujen sanat, kuvia
1,13: Matthias Meissner, Thomas Schwarz / Andrea Silveira, Schwarz
2: Meissner, Schwarz / Eve
3: Carsten Heusmann
4: Meissner, Schwarz / Eve, Silveira
5: Andy Slavik / Klaus Hirschburger
6: Meissner, Schwarz / Silveira
7: Per Andréasson
8: Shelly Peiken, John Shanks, Hoffsten
9: Carsten Heusemann / Karsten Heusmann, Jan Eric Kohrs
10: Michael Van Dyke
11: Brian Kennedy, Phil Picket, John Lind
12: Frank Peterson, Schwarz, Meissner / Peterson, Sarah Brightman
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