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Listed records are not for sale.
All cd's are originals, with these exceptions (marked in reviews):
(X) Copy, because I haven't manage to get the original - yet. (Only one 5CD compilation)
(LP) Record copied from vinyl-LP. So the original version is in my LP-shelf.
So, all my records are legal. Including the few CD-R:s (which I'm trying to get rid off finding original one...)

Translations to the lists untranslated terms:
Taustaa = Some facts about my cd hobby in Finnish
Tilastot = Diagrams and other info about my cd's in Finnish

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Updated reviews:

Shit is shit.
Total crap (I'm never gonna listen these)
Ok. (Listenable sometimes)
Nice one. (Listenable)
Wow! What a masterpiece! (Very very listenable)
Old reviews:
(These aren't here)
Total crap
If heard, will be skipped immediately
This category includes "nice" and "very nice" songs
Absolutely fabulous
Place and date of purchase (price).
Info about the cd or some story based on my own life and that record.
Official homepage
Additional link
Record company
Sleeve info Obviosly there isn't usually this info on singles
Extras; hidden tracks, multimedia, bonus items
Other info Usually unusual disc cases
Composer / Author
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