Girl On The Run

Rocksteady Love (feat. Turbo B)
Girl On The Run
Hello Hey
Waste Of Time
Astro Girl
Just Can't Live Without You
Could You Be The One
Heating Sun
Party Line
I Will Follow
Falling For You
Still Want You

City-Anttila, Helsinki 10/99 (120 FIM ~ 20,2 EUR)
Viralliset kotisivut
12 sivua: kuvia, iso kuva
1: Henrik Andersson, Martin Ankelius / -"-, Durron Butler
2: Andreas Carlsson, Ali Thomson
3-5,7,8: Ankelius
6,11: Andersson / Ankelius
9: Robert Uhlmann, Dean'n, Robin Rex
10: Joakim Udd, Johan Fjellström, Peter Boström, George Shahin
12: Andersson, Ankelius / Ankelius
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