Feel Good

Feel Good
Fly Away
Na Na Na Na (Come On Let's Go Out)
Takes A Little Time
Don't You Want Me Baby
Can't Take My Eyes Of Off You (Duet with Gerard Joling)
He's My Man
Gimme All Your Loving
Just When I Needed You Most
You And Me
Chica Cubana
Awaka Boy

Kujakirppis, Olari, Espoo 12/01 (5 FIM ~ 0,8 EUR)
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Fazer / Finnlevy
2 sivua
1: W Wright, Q Lizer
2: J Rovenstrunck, F Lenssen, B Conard
3: O Tunc, A Gurel, W Wright
4: MaSong, Riffi, Manirock
5: J Callis, P Oakey, A Wright
6: B Crewe, B Gaudio
7: P de Wijn
8: B Gibbons, D Hill, F Beard
9: R Vanwarmer
10: L Jackson, M May, JG Bella, D Digreorio
11: C Accatino, M Farina
12: Farina, G Crivellente, Accatino
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