Don't Stop The Dance

Don't Stop The Dance
Oeh I Love You
Viva a l'amore
Please Please Me
Bad Girls Medley (Do Ya Think I'm Sexy / Bad Girls / Hot Stuff / Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir? / Sex And Drugs And Rock'n Roll / Let's Talk (About Sex) / We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off / Relax / Passion / Sexmachine / Gimme All Your Lovin')
It's Not The Same Anymore
Falling In Love With A Casanova
Don't Stop The Dance (Extended Version)
Viva a l'amore (Extended Version) 8.1.2004 (6 EUR)
ToCo International / Fazer / Finnlevy
2 sivua
1,9: P Frush, E Bosselaar, T Hoppema
2,8: R von Rijen, C Prick, J Soulier
3,10: Frush, FG Jansen
4: Paul McCartney, John Lennon
5: Rod Stewart, C Appice, Donna Summer, B Sudano, E Hokenson, J Esposito, P Bellotte, H Faltermeier, K Forsey, B Crewe, K Nolan, I Dury, Ch Jankel, D Robertson, A Hudson, I Perkins, P Glass, NM Walden, P Gill, M O'Toole, H Johnson, Ph Chen, G Grainger, K Savigar, J Cregan, James Brown, B Byrd, R Lenhoff, B Gibbons, D Hill, F Beard, Prince, P Stanley, V Poncia, D Child
6: D von Passel, E von Passel
7: T McDonald
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