I Love It When We Do
Love Won't Work (If We Don't Try)
If Tomorrow Never Comes
Come Be My Baby
Lovin' Each Day
My One Thing That's Real
Time For Love
Blown Away
As Much As I Can Give You Girl
Pickin' Me Up
Joy And Pain
We've Got Tonight (Ronan & Lulu)
The Long Goodbye

Kehäkirppis I, Espoo 22.9.2003 (5 EUR)
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8 sivua: muutama kuva
1,2,4-9: Gregg Alexander, Rick Nowels
3: Garth Brooks, Kent Blazy
10: Alexander, Nowels, Ronan Keating
11: Keating, Bill Padley, Jeremy Godfrey
12: Bob Seger
13: Keating, Paul Brady
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