Crazy Music

Crazy Music
Can't Wait
We Can Dance
Come To Me
Shaa Daba Dum
It's All Right
Coma Beat
All The Best Girls
Sun Is Shinin' All Nite
Up And Down
All The Best Girls (R.E.L.S. For The Club)
All The Best Girls (JS 16 Sound Design)
Feel The Groove (Full On Vocal 7")
Feel The Groove (Monster Dub)
Feel The Groove (High On The Disco Fever)

Stockmann, Helsinki 2/97 (35 FIM ~ 5,9 EUR)
Fazer / Warner
8 sivua: kuvia, laulujen sanat
1: J Kluger, D Vangarde
2: Ressu Redford, Sam Eagle, Vinnie Lane, Guy Stoneman / -"-, S Aldabbagh, C Salter
3,5,6: Redford, Eagle, Lane, Stoneman
4,7,9,10,13-15: Redford, Eagle, Lane, Stoneman / -"-, Aldabbagh
8,11,12: Redford, Eagle, Lane, Stoneman / -"-, Aldabbagh, C Dye
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