Coast To Coast

My Love
What Makes A Man
I Lay My Love On You
Against All Odds (feat. Mariah Carey)
When You're Looking Like That
Somebody Needs You
Angel's Wings
Puzzle Of My Heart
Dreams Come True
No Place That Far
You Make Me Feel
Loneliness Knows Me By Name
Fragile Heart
Every Little Thing You Do

Kehäkirppis I, Espoo 3.9.2003 (2 EUR)
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12 sivua: kuvia, laulujen sanat
1: Jörgen Elofsson, Pelle Nylén, David Kreuger, Per Magnusson
2,16: Steve Mac, Wayne Hector
3,11: Elofsson, Magnusson, Kreuger
4: Phil Collins
5: Rami, Andreas Carlsson, Max Martin
6: Mac, Hector, Colin Farren
7: Elofsson, Carlsson, Jake
8: Mac, Hector, J MacCarthy
9: Rami, Carlsson, KC Porter
10: Elofsson, Andrew Fromm
12: Sara Evans, Tom Shapiro, Tony Martin
13: Niklas Jarl, Patric Jonsson, M Martin
14: Alexandra
15: McFadden, Egan, Filan
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