It's The Make You Make Me Feel
Here And Now
Happy Go Lucky
Summer Of Love
Better The Devil You Know
You'll Be Sorry
Learn To Love Again
Never Get Over You
Hand On Your Heart
Paradise Lost
Turn Around
If You Believe

Anttila Myyrmanni, Vantaa 5/01 (120 FIM ~ 20,2 EUR)
Jive / Zomba
16 sivua: kuvia, laulujen sanat
1: Topham, Twigg, Campbell
2: Jörgen Elofssen
3: A Goldmark, M Mueller
4: A Carlsson, A Thomson
5: Goldmark, B Daymond, A Greggs
6,8,12: Topham, Twigg
7: Mike Stock, Aitken, Paul Waterman
9: Ian "H" Watkins, Andrew Frampton
10: Lisa Scott-Lee, Ray Hedges, Nigel Butler
11: Claire Richards, Frampton
13: Lee Latchford Evans, Michael Garvin, Oskar Paul
14: Faye Tozer, Cyndi Lauper, Jan Pulsford, Jasper
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