Greatest Hits

Mamma Mia
Upside Down
Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)
Dancing Queen
A Perfect Match
...To The Music
Halfway Around The World
Sugar Rush
Super Trouper
Heartbreak Lullaby
Can't Help Falling In Love
Let Your Heart Do All The Talking
The Final Cut
With Or Without You
I Promised Myself

CDon 24.8.2004 (8 EUR)
Viralliset kotisivut
Stockholm Records
10 sivua: kuvia, pikkukuvakollaasi
1,5: Benny Andersson, Stikkan Anderson, Björn Ulvaeus
2,8: Tysper, Jonsson, Sepehrmanesh
3,10: Andersson, Ulvaeus
4,13: Tysper, Grizzly, Mack
6: Mack, Habolin, Jansson
7: Red One, J Boogie, Flame, Hortlund
9: Thomander, Wikström
11: C Dennis, J Kask, P Mansson
12: Weiss, Peretti, Creatore
14: Nick Jarl, David Stenmarck, Dhani Lennevald, Marie Serneholt
15: Stenmarck, Jarl, Sara Lumholdt, Amit Paul
16: Nick Kamen
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