You Are not Alone
Sexy, Sexy Lover
I Can't Give You More
Just Close Your Eyes
Don't Let Me Go
I'm So Much In Love
Rouge Et Noir
All I Have
Can't Get Enough
Love Is Like A Rainbow
How You Mend A Broken Heart
It Hurts So Good
I'll Never give you Up
Don't Let Me Down
Taxi Girl
For Always And Ever
Space Mix (feat. Eric Singleton)

Anttila Myyrmanni, Vantaa 3/99 (120 FIM ~ 20,2 EUR)
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Hansa / BMG
12 sivua: kuvia, laulujen sanat
1-9,11,14,15,17: Dieter Bohlen
10,16: Thomas Anders
12,13: Bohlen / Anders
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